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Pricing Options

Type Of Work Price
House Carpet
Small CarpetArea-15 to 70 sq/ft ₹777
Middle CarpetArea-70 to 150 sq/ft ₹1099
Large CarpetArea-150 to 250 sq/ft ₹1299
Office Carpet
Area-250 to 500 sq/ft ₹12/- per sq/ft
Area-500 to 1000 sq/ft ₹9/- per sq/ft
Area-1000 to 2000 sq/ft ₹7/- per sq/ft
Area-2000 to 5000 sq/ft ₹5/- per sq/ft
Area-5000 to 10000 sq/ft ₹4/- per sq/ft

Carpet cleaning services

Everyone has a dream of having a clear and clean home, but there are certainly a lot of difficulties that are associated with it. Everyone wants to be satisfied with their home such that they are not looking hazy or dull. People might be able to manage dusting or cleaning, but they find it quite difficult to clean the carpets.


Our carpet cleaning services in Delhi NCR can clean any carpet that you might be having in a rather hassle-free way. We use the best possible cleaning equipment and top-notch eco-friendly products which ensure that you would be getting the result that you have always desired.  The work process that is followed by us is quite safe, and our cleaners ensure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly. Seeing the clean carpet will bring a smile to your face and give you an enchanting atmosphere that you will cherish.


What are the things that you would get from our carpet cleaning services in Delhi NCR?


  • We are indulged in providing good quality carpet cleaning services in Delhi NCR without using any harsh chemicals or detergents which might be unhealthy or toxic.
  • Our carpet cleaning solution is top notch as we make use of special equipment and safe cleaning techniques such a clean and almost new look of the carpet is achieved.
  • Our cleaning solution lowers down the buildup of dirt such that you have a safe and healthy environment at your home.

What kind of carpets are covered in our carpet cleaning services in Delhi NCR?

Our carpet cleaning services consist of cleaning the oriental and area rugs using good quality carpet shampoo. With the passage of time, the carpet may have got dirty and old while being used for an extended period.


Our carpet cleaning services may involve cleaning the spots on the carpets. In addition, we also remove oil or ink spills which you may find difficult to remove even after trying for too long. We are up for any challenge that is thrown towards us as we have a hand on experience in cleaning a lot of carpets. Moreover, our services also include removing the urine Odors from the pets, cleaning the rugs and upholsteries by our team of experts.

Get in touch with us for the carpet cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Carpets can very well catch up dirt, stains and dust and it can be one of the leading causes of a lot of diseases. With our carpet cleaning services, you would be getting long-lasting and spotless carpets that are going to last for a long period. We believe in giving high-quality service while using eco-friendly products that would lighten up your house. Moreover, we are having a bunch of satisfied clients who got the results in their favor. Get in touch with us today and one of our representatives with contact you within 24 hours.