Residential Services

    We offer Residential Cleanings for your home whether it is a house or an apartment. We understand that the apartments are cluttered and cramped for space.

    Commercial Services

    Our business cleaning services consist of office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, kitchen and storage deep clean services, vacation rental cleaners services.

    Green Services

    Our green clean experts use non-toxic and artificial fragnance free cleaning solutions that are safe to use in households with pets and small children.

    Profestionl Houskeeping in Dehli NCR


    1. Clean and disinfect restrooms
    2. Clean & sanitize all bathrooms.
    3. Vacuum & mopping all floors
    4. Dust all furniture,wall, desktops & other.
    5. Clean kitchens, coffee areas and lounges
    6. Clean light fixtures, baseboards, ceilings.
    7. Clean and straighten reception areas.
    8. Cleaning office cabins