Professional Office Cleaning Services In Navi Mumbai

Office Cleaning Services In Mumbai

Professional Office Cleaning Services In Navi Mumbai

A fresh and clean appearance of an organization makes sit quite suitable and attractive to prospective clients. Whether you have a small business or a large one, it is essential that you select the right office cleaning services in Navi Mumbai. So, take your organization to the next level and maintain your office by getting in touch with us.

We, Safaiwale, the leading office cleaning services in Navi Mumbai. We make use of eco-friendly products and advanced equipment during the cleaning process. Moreover, we have a team of highly expert cleaning professionals who have years of experience under their belt, and they are highly trained and skilled as well.

You are assured to have complete peace of mind as we hire them only after police verification as well as medical checkups. When you would hire for the office cleaning services, then you would be assured of getting the best quality attention in a rather professional way.

Why should you hire us for office cleaning services in Navi Mumbai?

  • In today’s busy life, people are interested to have all the services near their places.
  • If you are looking for an office environment where you can think and work efficiently, then it is essential that you hire us for office cleaning services.
  • Experts in cleaning the office domain and the services that we offer are with complete assurance. 
  • We, safaiwale provide the best office cleaning services across all the areas of India.  We provide our services as per the requirements of the customer at his nearest locations at reasonable prices.

Benefits that you would get by hiring us:

Affordability: Everyone has made up a mind that professional companies are quite expensive to afford, but the fact is that it is entirely a myth. All of our services are offered at a competitive rate that would certainly suit your budget.

Quality Assurance: All our services are offered with the topmost quality and that too with timely service. We take every instruction of our client and then implement it during our course of service. We have guided and trained all our workers such that they meet the expectation of all our clients. All the office cleaning services of the clients can be fulfilled, efficiently, and affordably.

Transparency: As you would hire us for the project, then we would clearly outline the scope of the project, warranties, rates, and duties with any hidden charges which indeed ensures the peace of mind of our clients.

Get in touch with us anytime

  • Most of the cleaning agencies are not transparent about their process, or they tend to keep changing the time of arrival. It is not the case with us, and you won’t feel any anxiety with us.
  • If, you are having an office in Navi Mumbai and looking for an offline cleaning service, then do get in touch with us. We offer all our services as per the convenience and schedule that you might be having. You may sit back and relax as they won’t be a disruption in your day-to-day activities.
  • Our services are available round the clock for the convenience of our clients and at affordable prices. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So, avail of the office cleaning services in Navi Mumbai today!.

Office Cleaning Services, Navi Mumbai Price List

Type of WorkArea in SQFTPrice
Carpet Shampooing Above 1500 ₹4 per SQFT
Glass Cleaning Above 700 ₹6 per SQFT
Blinds Cleaning Above 1000 ₹12 per SQFT

Office Carpet Price In SQFT

Area CoversPrice
250 to 500 SQFT ₹12/- per sq/ft
500 to 1000 SQFT ₹9/- per sq/ft
1000 to 2000 SQFT ₹7/- per sq/ft
2000 to 5000 SQFT ₹5/- per sq/ft
5000 to 10000 SQFT ₹4/- per sq/ft
  • Rs 7(Per sq.ft)-: AREA 700-1000SQ.FT(including Floor, bathroom, kitchen, cabins,  pinboard, glass, chair dusting, blind dusting, window cleaning, door cleaning, Desktop area)
  • RS 6(Per sq.ft)-: AREA 1000-1500SQ.FT(including Floor, bathroom, kitchen, cabins,  pinboard, glass, chair dusting, blind dusting, window cleaning, door cleaning, Desktop area)
  • Rs 5(Per sq.ft)-: AREA 1500-2200sq.ft(including Floor, bathroom, kitchen, cabins,  pinboard, glass, chair dusting, blind dusting, window cleaning, door cleaning, Desktop area)

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    Get our world-class standards office cleaning services across Navi Mumbai

    AiroliNRI complexSector 1
    AptaNavadeSector 1A
    BonkodeNerulSector 7
    CBD BelapurNew PanvelSector 8
    Central ParkNhavaSector 9
    Drona GiriPalm Beach RoadSector 10
    GhansoliPanvelSector 10A
    JuinagarParsik HillSector 11
    KalamboliRabaleSector 12
    KamotheRasayaniSector 13
    KaranjadeRoadpaliSector 14
    KaraveSanpeteSector 15
    KarjatSeawoodSector 16
    KhalapurKhanda colonySector 16A
    KhandeshwarKhargharSector 17
    Kopar KhairaneKoripadaSector 18
    MLDC Industrial AreaMahapeSector 18A
    ShahabadSheungSector 19
    ShirvaneState Bank ColonySector 19A
    TalojaTaloja MDCCSector 19B
    Taloje PanchreadTurbheSector 19C
    UlweUranSector 19D
    VashiSector 19FSector 19E
    Sector 20Sector 21Sector 22
    Sector 23Sector 24Sector 25
    Sector 26Sector 27Sector 28
    Sector 29Sector 30Sector 32
    Sector 38Sector 40Sector 42
    Sector 42ASector 44Sector 46
    Sector 48Sector 50Sector 54
    Sector 56Sector 58

    Office Cleaning Services across India

    Other Important Services From Us

    The main objective is to provide all household, office, and commercial cleaning services from one platform to the people of India.

    Apart from the above cleaning services we, Safaiwale, a top-notch company provide various cleaning services such as the house, full home, homekitchenbathroomfloortilesmarblecarpetsofaofficefacadeblindscurtainsmattresses, paintingpest control, sanitization, disinfection, schoolrestaurantwater tank, bird nettingand the swimming pool.