Best Pest Control Services In Chennai

Pest Control Services In Chennai

Best Pest Control Services In Chennai

With the changing of the weather, rodents and pests lookout for a warm and cozy place to hide. This practically means that they end up being in the home or building and further create a lot of nuisance for the people staying there. These creatures intrude on a lot of objects such as food products, paper, and wood. Hence, in the long run, it can cause a lot of problems for you as a home or business owner. To overcome this problem, pest control is the only solution. We, Safaiwale are the best pest control services provider in Chennai provide you 100% quality, effective, and trustworthy services at affordable prices. Doorstep step service available.

Home is a very safe place and thus you should definitely protect it from invaders. Each one of us needs the best pest control at some point in time for either residential or commercial space. We at Safaiwale have been protecting families from pests with our top-class quality pest control services in Chennai for a very long period now. We have a locally owned and operated business and are ranked among the Top 10 pest control services providers.

Are you looking for the best reliable pest control services in Chennai?

If yes, then you have certainly arrived at the right place. We at Safaiwale have great hands-on experience in this industry and thus we guarantee you good quality of work. 

  • When you hire us for your project, then we set up a plan that is specific to your requirement. Some of the things that we take into consideration are the home size, infestation level, and long-term prevention needed for it. 
  • Other than this, we also do preventive pest control on the new construction. Moreover, we make use of government-approved chemicals such that your home & environment is 100% safe. Thus, if you are looking for pest control services near me, then you should definitely contact us. 
  • However, we often try to solve the problems on our own but every time we don’t get the desired results. So, the best bet would be to take assistance from professionals for home pest control which would ensure that you get the best in class service at a cost-effective price. 
  • Our success has been a result of core values that guide our customer commitments & actions to ensure that the customer service that we provide is flawless. We also take immense pride in the fact that we provide personalized services at rather competitive pricing. 

Why do you choose Safaiwale for pest control services in Chennai?

We, Safaiwale have great experience in removing bugs from your company. Besides this, they do it in an efficient way without harming you or your family members. While you might be tempted to do it on your own but to be honest, we, the professional pest control company can give you peace of mind and actual security.

  • Professionally Trained
  • Affordable Prices
  • Save Time and Energy
  • Doorstep Service with flexible time
  • Safe and harm-free chemicals usage
  • Experienced in identifying the pest
  • Safety & hygiene: For us, the safety & hygiene of our clients is of the utmost priority. Hence, all the professionals that we hire in our team go through strict quality checks such that their expertise in the field can be analyzed. We can also revisit the site of our customers just in case they are not satisfied with the work.
  • Experienced professionals: Our team of professionals is quite experienced and indeed they are problem solvers having a decade of experience under their belt. Hence, they can easily deal with pest control work.
  • Eco-friendly products: We make use of low-risk and safe products whenever it is possible such that you get peace of mind and a pest-free environment.
  • Quick response time: Another good thing about our organization is that we offer a quick response time such that you don’t face any problems.

What are the things to expect from us?

Here are some of the things that you can expect from a pest control company:-

  • An inspection of your property
  • Identification of risks and activity
  • Implementing different methods and techniques for controlling the pests.
  • Recommendations for preventing and limiting pest activity.

Different kinds of pest control services from us:

  • General Pest Control Services
  • Terminate Control Services
  • Rodent Control Services
  • Cockroach Treatment Services
  • Mosquito Fogging Services

Benefits From Us

  • Moreover, we ensure that all the customers that we are having get equal attention and are completely aware of the services that we provide. 
  • Other than this, we completely understand the frustration arising from pests and thus we provide top-notch Pest control services in Chennai. In this way, you can focus on your other important tasks. 
  • Moreover, the chemicals that we use during our process are government approved and perhaps 100% safe. The best part is that our customer service team is available round the clock just in case you face any issues.

Thus, you can give us a call in case of any concerns or queries. Our team will respond quickly.

What are the deciding factors for the charges of pest control service?

Some of the factors that lead to charges of pest control service are:- 

  • Level of Pest infestation: The entire area where pest control is needed is chargeable. Thus, if you need pest control in the kitchen, then you would have to pay for that only. On the contrary, if you want pest control for the entire home, then you would have to make the payment accordingly. Moreover, the level of pest infestation plays a major role when it comes to the final cost. 
  • Type of Pest control: In the earlier time, pest control was only chemical-based, but currently, it is available in two variants i.e. chemical pest control & herbal pest control. The good thing about herbal pest control is that it is chemical-based and thus it is not very hazardous to the health of the human. So, if you care about your hygiene & health, then opt for herbal pest control services. As the matter of fact is that both types of pest control services are charged differently. Thus, you would have to pay more for herbal pest control. 
  • Type of attack of best: The matter of fact is that you won’t find pests attacking the same everywhere. In some of the homes, you will find termites while in some homes you will find the cockroach attacking. So, in such a scenario, people opt for a particular type of pest control
  • Number of treatments needed: Depending upon the kind of infestation that you are having, the company would suggest the number of treatments needed such that the pest can be eliminated completely. 
  • If normal or routine pest control would be needed, then it would work in just one or two treatments. On the other hand, if the level is high, then about 5 treatments would be required. So, it is another important factor that determines the rate that is charged by the pest control company.

Avail termite control services at an affordable price 

  • Termites are indeed very troublesome pests as they can cause serious damage to your workplace or home. Also, they are quite difficult to get rid of. 
  • Additionally, they grow discreetly and perhaps in places where there are inaccessible spots making it quite difficult for termite control. So, the best bet would be to opt for termite control services in Chennai from professionals such that termites from your property can be removed and all your belongings would be safeguarded. 
  • One such organization that you can think about hiring is Safaiwale as they have years of experience under their belt.

When should a termite treatment be undertaken? 

If you find flying termites on your property or perhaps emerging from the wall foundation, it indicates that termite infestation needs to be done. And perhaps emergency action needs to be taken. 

Some of the other signs of infestation:

  • Mud tubes present on walls
  • hollow-sounding woodwork
  • damaged furniture
  • discarded termite wings

Other than this, there is a need for regular monitoring of your surroundings and property. Then only it becomes unfavorable for termite infestation. Just in case, you notice any signs of infestation, then do get in touch with us through call or email and we would provide you with the best termite control services.

How to get away from termites?

We at Safaiwale offer both pre-construction as well as post-construction anti-termite treatments such that your property & home can be safeguarded from destructive termite attacks.

1. Post-construction anti-termite treatments:

We offer a specialized post-construction treatment that helps in providing protection against the damages that are caused by terminations for existing businesses & homes. 

The best part is that at our organization we use Govt approved termite treatment chemicals. This ensures that you get a safe environment during as well as after the termite treatment. Moreover, we also provide basic clean-up once the service has been completed. Thus, you can give us a call or email just in case you need termite control near me

2. Pre-construction anti-termite treatment:

With the assistance of pre-construction termite treatment from us, you can very well move into your new office or home knowing that your premises would be safeguarded from termites. 

In the process, we use pneumatic spray nozzles for water-based termiticide at the site. And further, we covered it using concrete slabs. Moreover, we also offer a warranty on our anti-termite treatment and thus you would get peace of mind regarding termite attacks. Hence, you should definitely opt for over-termite pest control services.

Lastly, if you wish to avail of termite control services online, then do get in touch with us by call or drop us an email.

Pricing Options

Termite Treatment Rates

Type of Construction                     Price

Post Construction                          ₹ 5(Per sq.ft )

Pre Construction                            ₹ 8(Per sq.ft )

Cockroach Control Prices In SQFT

Building TypeSize (SQFT)Price
1 BHK 400 – 700 ₹ 849/-
2 BHK 700 – 1000 ₹ 999/-
3 BHK 1000 – 1600 ₹ 1199/-
4 BHK 1600 – 2400 ₹ 1499/-

Ant Control Prices In SQFT

Building TypeSize (SQFT)Price
1 BHK 400 – 700 ₹ 849/-
2 BHK 700 – 1000 ₹ 999/-
3 BHK 1000 – 1600 ₹ 1199/-
4 BHK 1600 – 2400 ₹ 1499/-

Rodent Control Prices In SQFT

Building TypeSize (SQFT)Price
1 BHK 400 – 700 ₹ 849/-
2 BHK 700 – 1000 ₹ 999/-
3 BHK 1000 – 1600 ₹ 1199/-
4 BHK 1600 – 2400 ₹ 1499/-

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