Tips that you need to follow for Sofa Cleaning

Tips that you need to follow for sofa cleaning
sofa cleaning

In general, it is often seen that in a number of instances due to bad cleaning sofa can get destroyed. So, you should have complete knowledge about your sofa, material used, structure etc. Besides this, it is recommended that you clean them on a regular basis. For that purpose, it is important that you opt for sofa cleaning services in Bangalore.

Also, Sofas go through a lot of wear, tear and abuse. So, if you jump, sit or dump them with toys, clothes and knick-knacks, then sofa can get wear out in a very short time.

Further, sofas are available in a wide range of fabrics, materials and designs. All the material which is being used vary with regards to maintenance techniques and perhaps proper care would be needed for the same.

So, cleaning the sofa normally at home may not be possible. So, this is where sofa cleaning organizations such as Safaiwale comes into play.

Thus, let us have a look at everything associated with Sofa Cleaning: –

  • Material of the Sofa

If you purchase the sofa from showroom, then you might know the material which is being used in the Sofa. Moreover, if any doubt arises, then check the fabric tag which is present in the Sofa such that you can know the material used.

In the branded sofa, you would often find letter codes which dictates about how the sofa can be cleaned.

For instance, W tells the fact that cleaning should be done using water based agent. On the other hand, S denotes that dry cleaning should be done. WS indicates that cleaner which is water-based should be used and O denotes that washing should be done only with cold water.

Lastly, if any kind of letter indications are not present, then Sofa should be cleaned discreetly. On the other hand, if water is used in leather upholstery, then it can get damaged. Also, when it comes to cloth sofas, strong cleaning agents would be needed for removing the marks and stains.

Thus, you should be very cautious when you are cleaning the Sofas. 

  • Sofa Cleaner

It is important that right cleaner is purchased for the Sofa. Leather cleaners and water based cleaners are perhaps not the same and hence they should be used in a proper manner. Also, they are very costly and hence you should select them in the right way.

  • Cleaning agents & detergents

Cleaning agents and detergents are perhaps only used for deep cleaning. But, before you clean the sofa with them, it is important that you remove the grime, caked dirt and dust. You can make use of basic bristle brush, to clean the sofa, armrest, backrest etc.

Once that is removed, deep strains can be removed a lot efficiently.

  • Debris on the Surface

Some of the aspects in surface debris are food crumbs, pet hair and thick liquids which needs proper vacuuming. If that is not present, then deep cleaning process can be interfered.

All you need to do is remove the cushions and clean the seats of the sofa. Make sure that you remove all the dirt and crumbs which are present at the corners.

So, it is recommended that you opt for sofa cleaning services in Bangalore after every 3-4 months. Grime and dust are perhaps the most important reasons that can lead to allergies such as bronchitis and rhinitis. Hence, with proper sofa cleaning, all of these conditions can be kept at bay and thus life quality can be improved.

sofa Cleaning

Some of the sofa fabrics and its cleaning tops are as follows: –

  • Leather

Leather can provide a very classy and elegant look to your interior but at the same time it is strain resistant as well. So, if you vacuum clean it once in every two days, then it can be kept quite clean.

However, if you deep clean it, then area can be dabbed with cloth using water and mild soap. After this, the spot can be dried using damp cloth and avoid it to wet a lot.

  • Cotton

When it comes to upholstery material, then Cotton is one of the most material which is used. It is recommended that you wash cotton fabrics once every month.

Further, it is advised that every fabric should be washed separately as each of them can bleed colour.

After this, you need to dry the fabric as sunlight can lead to fading. In case, fabric is fixed, you need to wash it by the help of the water-resistant solvent.

  • Velvet

Velvet is a very luxurious and plush material that can give royal touch to the interiors. It can work in the right way when it comes to brushing and ruffling.

Further, if any stain is present, then fabric solvent can be used having cleaning code S. It is recommended that maximum area is covered such that clean ring is avoided.

  • Linen

If you clean the linen clothing, fabric quality won’t be even changed a bit. So, you can wash the linen upholstery and perhaps dry it in the shade.

  • Suede

Suede as a material is quite resistant towards spots and stains. So, it is recommended that suede fabrics should be vacuum cleaned on a regular basis. If tough stains are present, then fabric needs to be cleaned with mild soap. After this, you can wipe it around using a paper towel.

  • Sunbella Fabric

Talking about Sunbella Fabric, they are quite easy to dry and clean. Thus, it is used commonly as exterior and interior upholstery fabric. For fabric care, you can wash, bleach and dry it as per your convenience.

What are the common stains which is present on Upholsteries?

Some of the common ways about how the stains can occur are as follows: –

  • Coffee/Tea

It is a common type of stains that you can possibly get. Once you find stain in the fabric, it is recommended that you soak it in cold water. If it is dry clean only fabric, then paper towel need to be used. Likewise, you can take assistance of dry cleaner.

  • Grease

When it comes to Grease as stain, the sooner that you tackle, the better result you are going to get. A proper detergent need to be used and allow it to sit for some time. Likewise, hot water should be used such that detergents starts working in the most effective manner.

  • Alcohol/Tomato Puree

It is recommended that you blot the fabric which is stained by the help of damp cloth. After this, soak the stained cloth using mild detergent mixed with mild detergent for a span of half hour.

  • Mud

If mud stain has come up in clothes, then allow it to sit for a while. They in general are quite easy to remove once they become dry. After this, you can scrape is away by the help of sofa plastic scraper. Next, liquid detergent needs to be applied on the strain and rub garment by the assistance of fingers.

  • Lipstick

The stain need to be blotted by the help of blotting paper. You should not wipe it off as there is high change that stain can smudge. When it comes to lipstick stains, household ammonia is perhaps the best bet that you can get. After this, wash it by the help of mild detergent if required.

How to clean a Sofa? – Step by step guide

  • Sofa Cleaning Items

Before you start with sofa cleaning, it is necessary that all the supplies are gathered together. These includes white towel, soft brush, vinegar, fabric protectant etc.

To start off, use the brush such that debris and dirt which has been build up in the couch would be removed.

After this is done, couch need to be brushed by the help of clean white towel such that excess particles and dirt is removed.

Next, it is important that water and baking soda is mixed such that thick paste can be formed. After this, put that into sofa and allow it to sit for a span of 20 minutes.

After this, you need to mix water, vinegar and dish soap on a spray bottle and spray it on the sofa fabric. Allow it to sit for a while and then you can dry it using clean cloth.

  • Look out for cleaning code

Irrespective you opt for deep clean of your sofa or not, it is recommended that you check the cleaning code. You will find the code that is located inside the seat cushions underneath or a tag which is attached inside the sofa.

The code would comprise of three letters which includes SW, S or WS. S in general indicates that sofa needs to be cleaned using solvents while WS and SW indicates that cleaning should be done using wet or dry solvent method.

So, once you are aware of the code, you can easily know about how the sofa can be cleaned. In general, sofa cleaning is a difficult task to perform but if you follow the tips that is mentioned things would get quite easier.

  • Cleaning

In the initial step, you have to vacuum the Sofa surface such that dirt and debris can be removed. A gentle brush attachment need to be used such that fabric is not damaged. 

Once vacuuming has been done, then cleaning solution needs to be mixed. For this purpose, hot water and mild detergent need to be used. Also, dry cleaning detergent can be used for the cleaning. In this way, any odours and stains can be easily removed.

Once the cleaning solution gets ready, then it is advised that problem areas should be spot cleaned. On the contrary, if you find that sofa is very dirty, then a small section needs to be cleaned and then you can move ahead with next section. You need to make sure that clean section is used for each section such that dirt is not spread.

  • Vacuum the Dirt and Dust

One of the easiest way through which you can keep the sofa looking fresh and clean is by doing weekly vacuuming. In this way, soil and dust that can build up can be removed easily. A brush attachment can come in quite handy for cleaning all the crannies and nooks. Likewise, Vacuum should be done underneath the cushions as well. Through this, dirt and debris can be removed in an effective way.

  • Treating the Spills and Stains

If you want to treat the stains and spills, then water combo and club soda need to used such that stain can be removed. It is important that you dab as compared to rubbing such that stain spread is minimized or prevent the fabric to get damaged.

Another method which you can use is make a combination of natural liquid soap, white vinegar and warm waters and put the same in the spray bottle.

Spray the same on the stain and allow it to sit for 10 minute and wash it using clean cloth. Once that is done, it is recommended that you rinse it using cool water. Other than this, a lot of rubbing should be avoided, as it can lead to a lot more damage.

If deep stains are present, then vacuum cleaner having brush attachment need to be used. You need to work on the fabric such that debris and dirt is lost. Hard press should be avoided as ground fabric can be pushed into the fabric of the sofa.

After this, cool water need to applied on the sofa and if required you need to dab it.

  • Use Fabric protectant

Once you have got rid of dirt, it is recommended that you use fabric protectant in order to refresh it.

You can easily make it by using equal proposition of water and vinegar. Once the attachment has been made, then put the mixture in spray bottle and spray the same on the fabric.

Then, you can spray the same on the fabric such that deep clean can be performed. In this way, any dust mites, pollen or pen dander which might be present in your sofa would be removed.

Another thing which you can do is sprinkle some baking soda such that sparkle can be created on the sofa. Moreover, it is seen that baking soda is one of the best ways through which odours and grease can be absorbed from the fabrics.

The best part is that the job can be get done in a span of 30 minutes.

If you are not able to remove the stain which is present in your sofa, then you can take help of a professional. Safaiwale would help you out in this regard and our team of professional cleaning services would reach at your doorstep as per your convenience.

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