6 Easy Tips to Prevent Dengue Through Housekeeping

Why Housekeeping to prevent Dengue?

Dengue is the fastest-growing seasonal disease each year in India. The problem is very severe, particularly in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Dengue is a disease or infection. It is by the bite of an infected mosquito. It is very common in our country. When it comes to the capital city of India, this epidemic affects major parts of the Delhi NCR region severely. It flourishes across every class of society such as cleaned or uncleaned areas. We can prevent the Dengue decease by keeping our environment clean and through the best housekeeping.

It is a known fact that nowadays there are many ways to treat the symptoms of this disease. But in some cases, the effects last for a long time and may even become quite life-threatening. Every year several deaths are reporting in India, and abroad due to this dengue. As dengue is a lethal disease, also considering the fact that prevention is better than a cure. Because of its life-threatening virus infection. To prevent dengue, it is important to first prevent the breeding of its causing mosquitoes. It is through hiring professional Housekeeping Services who can ensure that the dengue doesn’t get spread anymore in your area.

It’s due to mosquito and the Aedes mosquito which carries the dengue virus. These mosquitoes breed in stagnant water often easily found in and near your house. 

Clean Your Home / Office and Surrounding Area

Home is the first place to clean. Later clean the office and its surrounding areas. As dengue spread rapidly you need to give more focus on the cleaning part. In case your immediate surroundings are clean and hygienic, mosquitoes won’t be able to breed around you. It cuts down the risk of infectious bite and hence worsens the condition. Clean place through dust and mop rather than something which forced upon. You take the help of professional housekeeping services for effective results in cleaning at regular intervals. Safaiwale ensures you about our cleaning services and helps you against the spread of the lethal disease known as “dengue”.

Do Not Let Collection of water 

water tank cleaning

Stagnant water is not only responsible for causing dengue but it also leads to the growth of the chikungunya. It spreads mosquito breeds. You should keep pots, vases, bird feeders, pet feeder bowls, and other such containers clean and empty. You can also clean and check the hidden water bodies like drains, tanks, and manholes on a regular basis. Make it possible through housekeeping services.

Clean Water-Storage Systems

Water supply inside your place is a fundamental method of controlling the dengue mosquitoes. Water piped to households or offices are preferable to water drawn from wells, communal standpipes, rooftop catchments
(rainwater harvesting), and another water-storage tank. Inside the water storage system, after a period of time impurities comes due to not cleaning it. Ensure the cleaning of the water storage. Contact the one professional
housekeeping service, in case you, not 100 % sure cleaning it by yourself, Safaiwale is the best housekeeping service to provide water cleaning services in Delhi NCR.

Mosquito-Proofing Of Water-Storage Containers

Whenever you are buying or making a water storage container then the water-storage containers can be designed to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs on the surface of the water stored in it. The lids of the containers should be fitted tight or if rain-filled, tightly-fitted mesh screens which allow the rainwater to be harvested from roofs while keeping mosquitoes out from contaminating it. Removable covers should be
replaced every time when the water is removed and then clean it regularly. It should be well maintained to prevent damage which may permits mosquitoes to get in and out.

You can use expanded polystyrene beads on the surface of the water. It prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs on their surface. However, these are only applicable in storage containers with an installed pipe to draw water from the bottom.

Solid Waste Disposal

While implementing a dengue vector control system, disposal of solid waste is critical too, “solid waste” refers to non-biodegradable waste articles of household, community, and industrial waste. The benefits of reducing its quantity in urban environments are quite challenging. It is in these waste that mosquito larva gets nurtured and is its natural habitats. Proper storage, its collection, and its disposal are essential for protecting public health. It is the basic rule of “reduce, reuse, recycle” which should be considered while dealing with this waste. Identifying and labeling the collection of waste bins accordingly can help curb in reducing potential breeding of the mosquito larvae and other toxic features of it.

Solid waste should collect in plastic sacks. They disposed of a regular basis. The frequency of collection of these and its disposal is also very important. The recommendation being doing it twice per week for lessening housefly
reproduction and rodent control in warm & humid climates.

street cleaning

Street Cleaning

The professional street cleaning system is always reliable and removes discarded water-bearing containers and cleans drains to ensure they do not become stagnant and decrease the risk of dengue in your area.

If you are looking for a reliable and best housekeeping services to stop the spread of dengue and other diseases at your home, building, or offices, then get in touch with Safaiwale. You can call through phone or email. They ensure maintaining cleanliness and have rich experience in this field for several years and they are ready to serve and help you to deal with housekeeping cleaning services at the best & economical rates.


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