Professional House Cleaning Services In BT Road, Kolkata Near Me

House Cleaning Services In BT Road, Kolkata Near Me

If you have a clean house, then you are probably leading a healthy life. Everyone likes to have beautiful looking and bright rooms, but this can only be achieved if you take house cleaning services regularly. Moreover, cleaning an untidy room should be left up to professional house cleaning services as you may have a lot of productive stuff to do. We, Safaiwale, provide the best house cleaning services in BT Road, Kolkata 100% quality, affordable and flexible time at your doorstep with a trained team.

House cleaning is a very important step in maintaining hygiene. How would you find the best house cleaning service nera me areas in BT Road, Kolkata which can make your home/house clean, shining, and refreshing? In case you are not able to get deep house cleaning services at affordable rates near you in BT Road, Kolkata? Contact us. We, Safaiwale are one of the renowned house cleaning service companies for many years. And we have satisfied thousands of customers. You can hire professional house cleaning services in BT Road, Kolkata from us, Safaiwale, and compare the work and rates in Kolkata. The company fulfills its customer hygienic needs and do deep cleaning at the best available rates.

Are you looking for affordable and best house cleaning services in BT Road, Kolkata?

Are you looking for the best house cleaner service provider in BT Road, Kolkata? Then contact us, Safaiwale. We are providing the best house cleaning services in all major cities across India. Our main aim is to make your life easier and feel relaxed & stress-free by providing professional house cleaners and giving 100 % satisfaction of work at your place.

We, Safaiwale clean hundreds of houses/homes and apartments across multiple locations and have a long list of satisfied customers. And we would like to take services again and again from Safaiwale which is ready to help owners and tenants keep their places clean according to customer terms. The Housekeeping and house cleaning service of Safaiwale is very affordable and cheaper which suits every budget.We have well trained professional team who comes to your place according to your chosen time and finish the work as per the estimated time. You can book the service through the mail or call in case you have any questions regarding the service of house cleaning. Our customer support team is available and ready to serve you.

Why choose us, Safaiwale for the best house cleaning services in BT Road, Kolkata?

The team of Safaiwale is well-trained and experienced in their field and provides the best house cleaning services in BT Road, Kolkata. You can easily book the service from the Safaiwale in order to clean your house as well as the office also. With the house cleaning services, the company also provides the complete sanitization of your home/house at the best rates and completes the task from floor to ceiling with estimated time so that you don’t need to worry about your pocket and precious time.

  • We can clean your property as per the schedule that you might be having.
  • We can pay for monthly, daily, or weekly visits as per the contract.
  • Experienced in a wide range of cleaning projects.
  • We use eco-friendly products for cleaning purposes.
  • The methods used by us are cost-effective as well as time-saving.

Advantages of house cleaning services from us, Safaiwale

  • You can easily book the service as per your available time slot and Safaiwale matches the right cleaner for the job and provide you with the best value service which suits your budget.
  • The payment method of Safaiwale is very convenient and secure.
  • You can easily reschedule your booking in case you need it.
  • In case you are facing any issues while cleaning then you contact the customer support team.

Our range of House cleaning services includes:-

  • Deep cleaning of your home
  • Enhancement of the floor
  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning
  • Paint treatment
  • Many other customized services upon the request

We cover the following services in house cleaning

We assure you that if you hire us for house cleaning services, you will get the major advantages that we cover almost all the areas of the house, such as the following:

  1. Bedroom Cleaning
    1. Floor Scrubbing
    2. The dry dusting of walls and ceiling
    3. Window and Grills
    4. Lighting Fixtures
    5. Furniture dusting
    6. Cupboard cleaning from outside
  2. Living Area / Hall Cleaning
    1. Sofa and curtain vacuuming
    2. Floor scrubbing
    3. Windows and Grills
    4. Lighting Fixtures
    5. Furniture dusting
    6. Balcony cleaning
    7. Cupboard cleaning from outside
  3. Bathroom Cleaning
    1. Showers and taps
    2. Windows and exhaust fan
    3. Floor and tiles scrubbing
    4. Cobweb removal
    5. Mirror and glass cleaning
    6. Wash Basin cleaning
  4. Kitchen Cleaning
    1. The dry dusting of walls and ceiling
    2. Window and exhaust fan
    3. Wiping of appliances from outside
    4. Cabinets from outside
    5. Kitchen Platform
    6. Floor scrubbing
    7. Cobwebs removal

Our Team

  • We have a team of well-trained and experienced professionals for the best house cleaning services in BT Road, Kolkata,  who are efficiently providing cleaning help to our set of clients.  They are determined to give their best shot such that our clients are happy with the final result.
  • Our team of professionals can efficiently complete the set of assigned tasks within the quoted time span. They remove all the microorganisms giving your house a perfect place to live.
  • We aim to provide our services at a reasonable price while giving exceptional services such that we develop a base of satisfied clients.
  • We also offer customized services upon the request of our clients which eventually saves them from different health hazards.

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority

We at Safaiwale make use of proper cleaning schedule such that all the charm which is lost in the house can be revived. The first thing which is done is perhaps vacuuming such that bugs, skin flakes and faeces is sucked up.

After this, proper shampooing is done and our team of experts put proper care on each of the strains. They make sure that the stains are removed properly. Next, the disinfection process of the house is done. In the last step, house is dried and it will be made ready to use.

So, a clean house can keep you happy, heathy and safe. Through this, you would get a sleep which would be quite refreshing and hence you would be energetic all day long.

Thus, if you opt for house cleaning service from Safaiwale, then you will have access to get house. In the process, all the dust, dirt, stains and smalls would be removed which would cause barrier to your health.

Avail Our House Cleaning Service in BT Road, Kolkata Near Me

We at Safaiwale very well know the healthy and clean House importance.

Our house cleaning service is designed in such a way that effective, convenient and hassle free experience can be provided to the users.

Additionally, our team of experts are backed with the right cleaning solutions and tools through which your mattress can be made fresh, clean and free from any kind of allergens.

House Cleaning Services In Kolkata Price List

BuildingType Of WorkPrice
1 BHKDeep Cleaning₹3500
2 BHKDeep Cleaning₹5000
3 BHKDeep Cleaning₹6000
4 BHKDeep Cleaning₹7000

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    We provide our House cleaning services as per the requirements of the customer at his nearest locations at reasonable prices. In today’s busy life, people are interested to have all the home cleaning services near their places. We, Safaiwale provide the best house cleaning services across all the areas like Delhi, Noida , Gurgaon, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Baner, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur , Goa , Patna , Ranchi & Many more.

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    The main objective is to provide all household, office, and commercial cleaning services from one platform to the people of India.

    Apart from the above cleaning services we, Safaiwale, a top-notch company provide various cleaning services such as the house, full home, home, kitchen, bathroom, floor, tiles, marble, carpet, sofa, office, facade, blinds, curtains, mattresses, painting, pest control, sanitization, disinfection, school, restaurant, water tank, bird netting, and the swimming pool.