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Cleaning Services In Kolkata
Cleaning Services

Need for Cleaning Services In Kolkata For Home and Offices

Everyone has a dream of having a clear and clean living space and working spaces such as houses, apartments, offices, commercial complexes, shopping malls, cinema complexes, educational organizations, etc. But there are certainly a lot of difficulties that are associated with it. Everyone wants to be satisfied with their living spaces such that they do not look hazy or dull. Often, people try to manage dusting or cleaning, but they find it difficult to clean them. In such cases, there is a need for cleaning services. If you are looking for the best cleaning services provider in Kolkata, we, safaiwale are the right choice to contact. 100% quality services. Affordable and reliable.

Some of the essential tips for choosing professional cleaning services

  • Plan as per your budget: A budget is essential, to begin with when you plan to hire professional cleaning services. Before you search and plan to go ahead you have to browse and choose services that suit best your need.
  • Check for Service Credentials: Our customer’s feedback and Genuine high appreciation speak high apprise of our professional cleaning services check for these before hiring or deciding on hiring professional cleaning services.
  • Comparison: Once you compare the available deep cleaning service, the better you get the option to choose from Safaiwale. Post comparing you get the best deals at the best price. The pricing packages offer cleaning based on the quality of service that Safaiwale offers to our valued customers.
  • Be Cautious: Often the least costing services may land you in trouble. And it comes as a disguise informs of Extra Charges that are above the nominal charges! Many cheap services offered are cheap in quality and post the work completion it’s more costly and proves to be of no value to the customer.

As Safaiwale we believe in providing the best and most economical service package that is world-class and above standard in the Deep cleaning services field.

Why do you hire us, Safaiwale?

We, Safaiwale is a leading cleaning facility management company, provide the best deep cleaning services in India. Although there are many cleaning service providers in your near me areas, India, we assure you that we are the best service providers offering top-class professional services at affordable rates. 24×7 support and flexible time slots available.

Our exquisite services ensure that you are happy and convinced to use our services again. We deliver our best services to multinational companies, housing complexes, airports, shopping malls, etc. And we are supported by an exceeding skill full management team with affluent technical skills in the industry we serve. We try hard to offer professional cleaning services. Our elegant professionals are experts in managing hotels, restaurants, schools, and commercial offices.

Benefits of hiring cleaning services from us:

  1. Background checked & Certified Professionals: we have all our professionals who are trained and certified with background verified to ensure that you are least concerned about the quality of work carried out by professionals and no worries when our professionals come visit your home.
  2. Customer feedback: Customer feedback does speak about the experience of a genuine customer, not fake to prove the authenticity of our cleaning services. Safaiwale boosts getting the highest ratings in terms of customer review and you can consider hiring us for our deep cleaning services.
  3. Free Quotation: When you enquire about deep cleaning services in your near me areas, Safaiwale offers your free quotation keeping in mind the best option to choose from to you.
  4. Compare & Choose: Safaiwale provides you with a never-ending list of services as per your available duration. You can choose from the bundle of services from Safaiwale. We offer a range of packages that meet customers’ budget expectations and cover different value offerings to customers in terms of professional cleaning services. 

Benefits of Deep Cleaning Services

  • We assure you that post deep cleaning services to your home by our expert professionals you will,
  • Get rid of the unwanted dust and dirt which are deposited on the corner of the house.
  • Our deep cleaning services ensure a hygienic environment as well in your home and workspace.

We offer the following cleaning services in Kolkata and across India

Cleaning is just not the cleaning of the floor and walls of your home or workplace. It has many things related to it. During our service, we use innovative solutions, the latest technologies, and modern equipment with trained talent in the industry to complete the work in the given time with 100 % efficiency. You can hire all of the best cleaning services from Safaiwale:

  1. Home Cleaning Services
  2. House Cleaning Services
  3. Housekeeping Services
  4. Living Room Cleaning Services
  5. Bathroom Cleaning Services
  6. Kitchen Cleaning Services
  7. Sofa Cleaning Services
  8. Carpet Cleaning Services
  9. Floor Cleaning Services
  10. Tiles Cleaning Services
  11. Marble Polishing Services
  12. Mattress Cleaning Services
  13. Curtains Cleaning Services
  14. Blinds Cleaning Services
  15. Facade Cleaning Services
  16. Interior Designing Services
  17. Painting Services
  18. Pest Control Services
  19. Office Cleaning Services
  20. Hotel Cleaning Services
  21. AC Cleaning Services
  22. Commercial Services
  23. Bird Netting Services
  24. Swimming Pool Cleaning Services
  25. School Cleaning Services
  26. Car Cleaning Services

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    We, Safaiwale assist you to browse through the best quality service providers to match your professional cleaning needs. Our professional team helps you choose the best package of deep cleaning services as per your preferred budget and timings.

    Home CleaningTiles CleaningOffice Cleaning
    House CleaningFacade CleaningCommercial Cleaning
    House KeepingCurtains CleaningInterior and Architect Design
    Living Room CleaningBlinds CleaningSwimming Pool Cleaning
    Sofa CleaningPainting ServicesSchool Cleaning
    Kitchen CleaningPest Control ServicesCar Cleaning
    Bathroom CleaningMattress Cleaning
    Floor CleaningAC Cleaning
    Marble PolishingBird Netting Services

    Professional Cleaning Services In Kolkata

    Cleaning Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    Cost of deep cleaning service depends on what services you are looking for a full home cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, and the costing is done based on how much area is to be covered for deep cleaning and the time required.


    It depends on how much area is of your dwellings like whether you have a 2BHK, 3BHK, or a Villa on average the time taken could be either 3 to 4 hours for carrying out full home cleaning services by our Professionals.


    Because professionals have all types of equipment to make the cleaning of your house dust and dirt free and they are well trained and experienced as well with courteous and pleasing attitude to carry out deep cleaning services as per your convenience.


    When you hire our Professional deep cleaning experts for full home cleaning services the services cover the areas of your home like the bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.


    1. Safaiwale gives you the best of professional deep cleaning services thanks to our professional team of experts who ensure and verify that our customers experience the best deep cleaning services.
    2. All professionals at Safaiwale is trained to be expert in cleaning and in delighting our customers. Their background is verified and certified for ensuring the safety of our valued customers.
    3. Safaiwale has well-defined processes right from when services are enquired from customers as well when you can hire a professional for deep cleaning services from us and you can choose their services at your convenient time, so you don’t have to bother or disturb your routine due to us.


    Yes, all our professionals carry all equipment and supplies with them with the least bother to you while carrying out the cleaning services at your doorsteps.


    • Keep your important papers and bill a safe place.
    • Identify the key areas marked for focused cleaning.
    • Mention your pets or any vulnerable things.
    • Before the start of services make sure to mention you are the expectation to our professionals when before the start of service visit your place.

    Q8. What is the cost of cleaning service in India?

    We are providing the best & affordable prices & its depend on the area of your place. You can call us or drop a mail mentioning your area, we will quote you accordingly.

    Q9. At what time will be at our office?

    Our normal workdays are Monday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. While in most cases it is still possible to give a So it is important to notify the office if the cleaning must be at a specific time.