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When the festive season comes, the very first thing that comes to mind is cleaning. Because from the old times, house cleaning before Durga Puja, Dussehra has significant importance. We believe that it brings positiveness and grows your family, business and overall development of Present and future.
But due to the busy schedule of our lifestyle, we don’t get enough time to do deep cleaning of our home.
One of the major reasons that nowadays husband and wife both are working so don’t get enough time to do home cleaning activities. And, during the regular cleaning with time constraints don’t spare enough time to clean every corner neatly.

Somehow, you missed the free time to fulfil the wish of a neat and clean home before Or during Durga Puja.
So, you don’t need to worry, we Safaiwale provides instant and quick service which matches your spare time and makes your home beautiful. It’s not late if you thinking to start your cleaning process now, you can just call, email and drop a message, and share your expectations like what you want from us. What kind is home cleaning or office cleaning services do you need? Share your time constraint, we understand the client and are satisfied 100% with the guarantee.

We, Saifwale offer office cleaninghome cleaning and many more health services which you often required.
According to years of experience, Safaiwale shares some useful tips for cleaning on the individual at own.

Well, cleaning of entire home is not as difficult as you think, only proper planning and execution are required to achieve the targets. Whenever you are planning to clean the home or office, you make a checklist and write down every part of your home like the kitchenbedroomsliving roomsstore roomsBathroom and any other area which is the part of your home.
After making the checklist, now please looks at the days and time available to you. After this, divide all your work into different time slots and days-definitely match your suitability note don’t panic here, just follow step by step procedure and enjoy the home cleaning services. It would be advisable that do the cleaning of two areas in one day only so that you feel relaxed and do the work without any pressure but please plan before one day to start. Start with a fresh mood to do cleaning, play some light music to feel you calm and give enjoyment during home cleaning.

Here we are sharing some tips which you follow during a house cleaning at the time of Durga Puja or any time.

1. Start with Bedrooms and Living-rooms Cleaning

First, check out your wardrobe and take out all the dirty clothes and put them into your washing machine for cleaning. Arrange all the left clothes in an organised way. Then move towards the window and doors curtains and check whether they are dirty or not if yes then put them in the washing machine. Now it’s time to check the bed sheet if neat then remove it with a dirty sheet and if not leave it. Clean the fan, and rods of curtains, and removes all bugs from the wall, window and door also, you use a duster for that but also try an old soft T-shirt.
With the help of a broom removes all the dust from the room and collect and throw it into the dustbin. But remember please clean the glass through soft microfibres cloth or with old newspapers and don’t forget to clean doorknobs, handles and window panes. Keep all the items in their respective place in a proper way and also use clean bed sheets and pillow covers, and curtains.
Use the same steps for the living area to clean.

 2. Kitchen Cleaning

Whenever you are going to Kitchen Cleaning, first ensure to remove all
Clean utensils and cover the open bottles, and jars. For fridge cleaning, you can take out half a bowl of vinegar and some drops of lemon, and with the help of old clothes, clean the entire fridge.
Through the cleaning agent and old clothes, clean all the racks, and shelves, and wipe completely. Don’t forget to clean the jar from the outside, if necessary then clean the inside.
Your kitchen  needs a thorough cleaning to be prepared for all the festivities related to sweets and dishes:

3. Bathroom Cleaning

Dump out all the used bottles, and scrap into the garbage. Use the toilet cleaner to clean the WC, absorb and then flush it out. Arrange all the stuff correctly and scrub the walls and shelves through Scotch-Brite sponge and bathroom cleaning agent. Remember when you are going to clean the shelves and floor, first empty then dry and in the last place.

4. Grills Cleaning

Well, you always found grease found near the grill of your stove or exhaust fan of the kitchen, you can control this dirt but you can remove this unnecessary particle through the best cleaning hacks. Take the old clothes and cleaning agent and gently clean all grills and exhaust fans, making them shine.

5. Boxes of Bed

Well, you can rarely open the box but you need to clean and removes bugs from the inside. You can put on your blankets and winter clothes so they should be clean. You can empty out the box and clean it, after that organise and put all your stuff inside, please also add naphthalene balls inside.
Things to remember during cleaning:
With cleaning please take care of yourself, you can use hand clovers, cover your face while removing the dusting part and of course cover your body part with old clothes. You may feel annoyed but believe through this your skin is saved. Don’t forget to cover your hair also.
Collect all the dust in one place and throw it in the garbage only, don’t leave any particles.
In the last be relaxed if anything is left, do it next time.

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    Hope that you like the above and it will be helpful for home cleaning services. Enjoy your festive seasons with happiness and welcome all your relatives, Goddess.
    If any time you feel that you need a home cleaning service then calls Safaiwale, we are always ready for you with the best affordable pricing.

    Well, we have shared here all the importance which you have required.