What are the Benefits of Dry Cleaning Comforters and Blankets? – A Complete Guide

Managing the property can be quite a daunting task particularly for the people who have pets or children present in the house. One place that rather everyone should be maintaining is perhaps the bedrooms.

Also, when it comes to washing the blankets or comforters, then that should rather be done by professional dry cleaners such as Safai Wale.

But before opting for blanket washing, see that the cleaning solutions which they use is good. If strong chemicals are used, then comforters and coverings can be ruined.

So, we as a blanket cleaner near me, can easily help you to manage all the requirements you might be having.

Thus, in this blog, we would discuss about the benefits of dry cleaning blankets and perhaps the benefits which are associated with it.

  • Top-notch cleaning

Generally, when the blanket is washed in washing machine at home, then shrinking can be caused in the fabric. On the other hand, if you opt for blanket wash near me from a professional, then you are assured of top-notch cleaning without any shrinkage.

You also won’t have to dry it out in the sunlight and hence it can be safeguarded from mildew and mold. So, Safai Wale would be the best bet for you if you are looking for blanket dry cleaning.

  • It can safeguard your appliance

The blankets and comforters in general are quite bulky and hefty. So, harm can be caused on the washing machine just in case the load gets unstable. Thus, in such a scenario, when it comes to cleaning comforters and blankets, blanket dry cleaning near me can come in quite handy.

One of them is Safai Wale. They are equipped with professional washing machine through which cleaning can be done in an efficient manner. In this way, the material quality can be safeguarded and in the process home appliances can be kept safe as well.

  • It is a very efficient process

If you opt for the services of professional blanket dry cleaners, then your blankets would be effectively cleaned and washed. Other than this, it would be delivered to your doorsteps as per the timeframe which is scheduled.

In this way, shine of your quit or blanket would be maintained. The cleaners at Safai Wale ensures that proper care is given to your blankets such that you get best in class results when it comes to cleaning. Therefore, a lot of your precious energy and time would be safeguarded when it comes to washing the comforters or blankets.

  • Colours can be protected

It is often seen that after a number of washes, the colours of quits and blankets start to vanish. Thus, restoring them would become quite difficult and it won’t match with your bedroom interior. So, in such a scenario, dry cleaning the blanket would be one of the best solutions for you. The colour shall remain protected and the blankets would perhaps last for a long time.

Dry Cleaning – What it is?

The common solvent when it comes to commercial dry cleaning is perchloroethylene. Through this, deep fibre clean is done such that fabrics integrity can be safeguarded. In the current time, a green alternative has also come up which is known as liquid carbon dioxide.

Dry Cleaning blankets: Should you opt for it?

One of the things which we often take quite granted it perhaps our blanket. We often wash them in our home washing machine which can cause significant damage to it.

So, when you are looking out for great alternative when it comes to machine washing, then blanket dry cleaning should be your ultimate choice. In this way, your blankets and bedding would smell quite fresh and perhaps look quite good.

How dry cleaning is different from machine washing?

In dry cleaning, solvent is used for cleaning as compared to detergent and water when it comes to fabric cleaning. The good thing about dry cleaning is that blanket is not tumble or agitate as it happens in washing machine. Other than this, spin cycle is not present in dry cleaning.

Also, all the dry-cleaned items such as blanket are pressed and steamed such that new like appearance can be created. Further, the blanket is dried, blocked and folded in case you wish to store it during mid of the season.

Is Dry Cleaning one of the best options when it comes to blanket cleaning?

Dry cleaning can be one of the best options for you based on the fabric of the blanket that you use. You should understand that heat is important when it comes to eliminating the skin particles, trapped body oils, dust, dirt, mites etc.

But, you should understand that with heat fibres can get damaged. In the process, blanket softness can be reduced resulting in the fading of the colours.

So, with dry cleaning, you can get deep clean blanket without having to use the heat. It would be perfect for blankets for all the rooms which includes family rooms, TV rooms and libraries.

What kind of fabrics can be dry cleaned?

Some of the fabrics which can be dry cleaned are Rayon, Silk, Wool, Leather, Suede, Linen to name a few. So, before handing such items for cleaning, it is important that you match with the unique needs of each fabric.

Also, some of the other things that you need to do before opting for dry cleaning are: –

  • Read the label on fabric to ensure that it can be used for dry cleaning
  • Don’t remove the stains on your own but instead you can point the same to your dry cleaner.
  • Check out for special repairs that is required before you opt for dry cleaning
  • You need to share any other instructions which might be present before sharing

What are the pros and cons of dry cleaning the blankets?

There are a number of pros associated with blanket dry cleaning. These includes: –

  • No spin cycle is present and hence damage to fibres is quite less
  • In the same scenario, heat is not used and hence there is minimum damage to fibre
  • Through dry cleaning, the appearance and shape of blankets is maintained
  • It is quite good for fabrics which are delicate which includes velvet and silk
  • It can provide deeper clean as compared to machine wash
  • All the stains are removed during dry cleaning especially if you point it out to the dry cleaner.
  • No any kind of lumps is created in blanket or quit
  • Wear and tear of the dryer & washer is safeguarded
  • A lot of your time can be saved

The cons associated with dry cleaning blankets is that chemical solvents are used and the process can be quite costly. But, now with dry cleaning, solvent can be recycled. Hence, chemical waste and various different dry cleaning alternatives are being looked after.

Is Blanket Dry Cleaning Worth the Hassle?

Yes, blanket dry cleaning is certainly worth the hassle due to the environmental health of blanket as well as your home. It is quite hassle free as you can easily pick and drop them. So, all you need to do is get in touch with a good dry cleaner such as Safai Wale. They will pick up and deliver it to you as per your convenience.

How to select the best blanket dry cleaning expert?

Due to homes being crunched and work schedule being busy, it can be very difficult to get the laundry cleaned. This is where professional blanket dry cleaning expert comes into play.  

Also, if you wash the blanket at your home, then blanket quality can get ruined as the material used is very delicate. Hence, it is important that you dry clean the blanket. In the process, a lot of your time would be saved which you can spend with your family & friends.

So, here are some reasons why you should opt for the services of blanket dry cleaning expert. Let us have a look: –

  • Quality of cleaning

Quality is one of the most important aspect that you should not ignore when it comes to blanket dry cleaning. Look at the reviews of the company that you are hiring and select the one that you feel is the best. The best bet that you arguably can make is Safai Wale as they are expert in blanket dry cleaning.

  • Accessibility

Currently, everything in this world is quite fast paced and no one wants to waste the time. Hence, you need to select a dry cleaning expert that can offer you pick up and delivery service. So, you won’t have to come to pick up at our centre as well as deal with traffic and parking issue. You just have to schedule a pick-up and the blankets would be delivered after cleaning. The best part is that we will provide regular status updates regarding your laundry as well.

  • Damage Policies

You need to select an organization that offers you very good damage policies. Usually, it is seen that blankets can sometimes get damaged due to the process of cleaning. On the other hand, there can be times that blankets can get misplaced. So, in such a regard damage policy can come in quite handy.

  • Additional Services

It is recommended that you select a dry cleaner that can provide additional services rather than just blanket cleaning. In the process, a lot of your time would be saved as you won’t have to keep looking for cleaner with additional services.

  • Local Blanket Dry cleaning company

It is advised that you opt for local blanket dry cleaning company. The reason is that they would provide best in class service at a very cost effective price. So, we at Safai Wale are a local company based out in Delhi NCR providing our services at a reasonable price.

  • Professional

It is recommended that you look out for someone that can get the job done for you. Another important factor that you need to keep in mind is hygiene when opting for a blanket dry cleaner. In this way, there is a high probability that you will get a service that is of top-quality.

Blanket Dry Cleaning Price

Type Of WorkPrice
Balnket Single Bed249/-
Balnket Double Bed349/-
Balnket Duvet (Single)550/-
Balnket Duvet (Double)650/-
Quilt Cover (Single)249/-
Quilt Cover (Double)349/-
Quilt (Single)400/-
Quilt (Double)499/-

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