Best Home Cleaning Services In Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Home Cleaning Services In Chanakyapuri New Delhi
Home Cleaning Services In Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Best Home Cleaning Services In Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

In India, particularly in metropolitan cities such as Delhi NCR people have no time to spend to keep their premises clean and hygienic. No doubt, a neat and clean home/house is a symbol of a healthy life. But due to their busy lives, most of the people who reside in major cities like Delhi NCR depend on maids. Although you hired maids, in some cases if you are not happy with the maid’s cleaning tasks then consult us. We, Safaiwale provide you 100% professional and world-class standards deep home cleaning services in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi at affordable rates with flexible times.

Deep Home Cleaning Services In Chanakyapuri

People have no time to keep their homes clean and maintain hygiene these days. Particularly this problem arises in most of the major cities not only in Chanakyapuri but also across Delhi NCR. Everyone knows that a neat and clean home/house is a symbol of a healthy life. So most of them depend on maids. Very few people are satisfied with their maid’s service. Those who are not happy with the maid’s cleaning tasks can consult us. You can get 100% professional and quality world-class standards home deep cleaning services in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi from us, Safaiwale, at affordable rates with flexible times.

What is the need for Home Cleaning?

A neat and clean home/house is a symbol of a healthy life. No doubt cleanliness is a good factor for healthy lives. Home cleaning is a good thing for living healthy lives. Cleanliness changes the mood of the families. It also builds positive vibrations and positive energy. You know how positive energy changes our mood for the whole day. So keeping living spaces clean and hygienic is good for us.

Why do you approach a home cleaning services company?

You all know, as of now, people depend on home maids for household cleaning activities. Whether a furnished or unfurnished home, it is not an easy task without hiring professionals. Living areas of the home such as the balcony, bedroom, living room, windows, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, flooring, tiles, and carpets are the most important to keep dust free and germ-free also shiny. We will have to depend on cleaning professionals, even for sofa sets, chairs, fridges, and microwaves. If you wish to save valuable time and go on our regular activities without cleaning issues tensions, it is better to hire cleaning professionals. We, Safaiwale, keep your home 100% clean and shiny with our expert home cleaning services in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, and across India.

Some important services include in-home cleaning

  1. Bedroom Cleaning
    1. Floor Scrubbing
    2. The dry dusting of walls and ceiling
    3. Window and Grills
    4. Lighting Fixtures
    5. Furniture dusting
    6. Cupboard cleaning from outside
  2. Living Area / Hall Cleaning
    1. Sofa and curtain vacuuming
    2. Floor scrubbing
    3. Windows and Grills
    4. Lighting Fixtures
    5. Furniture dusting
    6. Balcony cleaning
    7. Cupboard cleaning from outside
  3. Bathroom Cleaning
    1. Showers and taps
    2. Windows and exhaust fan
    3. Floor and tile scrubbing
    4. Cobweb removal
    5. Mirror and glass cleaning
    6. Wash Basin cleaning
  4. Kitchen Cleaning
    1. The dry dusting of walls and ceiling
    2. Window and exhaust fan
    3. Wiping of appliances from outside
    4. Cabinets from outside
    5. Kitchen Platform
    6. Floor scrubbing
    7. Cobwebs removal

Why Do You Hire Us, Safaiwale?

Although there are many home cleaning service providers in your near me areas, India, we, at Safaiwale assure you that we are the best service providers offering top-class home professional services at affordable rates. 24×7 support and flexible time slots available. Our home cleaning products enhance the look of your house and its belongings. Our home cleaners are punctual and follow a very customer-friendly approach. Customer comfort and customer preference are our priorities.

It is a very difficult task to make every corner of your home always bright and clean. We at Safaiwale are not afraid of such problems. Whether it is an independent floor, apartment, or duplex. And we have a team of highly skilled cleaners for your home deep cleaning. We use organic cleaning products for diverse tasks. Our professionals work quietly on your premises and you can continue to attend to your regular chores without feeling their presence.

Our Team

Safaiwale, world-class standards professional home cleaners in India are well-groomed and trained.

  • We have a team of well-trained and experienced best deep home cleaning services in India,  efficiently providing cleaning help to our set of clients.  They are determined to give their best shot such that our clients are happy with the final result.
  • Our team of professionals can efficiently complete the set of assigned tasks within the quoted time span. They remove all the microorganisms giving your home a perfect place to live.
  • We aim to provide our services at a reasonable price while giving exceptional services such that we develop a base of satisfied clients.
  • Also, offer customized services upon the request of our clients which eventually saves them from different health hazards.

We, Safaiwale cover the following services:

  • Floor sterilization: Use of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals and sophisticated machinery to remove deep layers of dust.
  • Toilet Cleaning: Disinfecting, sanitizing, and deep scrubbing of bathrooms. 
  • Surface Treatment: Special treatment of steel, wooden, and glass surface.
  • Walls and Ceiling: Dusting of walls and ceiling of the entire house.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: Cleaning of all furniture and electrical textures.
  • Window Cleaning: Cleaning of all glass and windows that are safe
  • Electrical fixtures: Cleaning of all electrical fixtures like lights, fans, electrical switches, etc.

What’s included in the home cleaning services?

  • Clean bathroom vanity, tub, mirrors, toilets, shower tracks, hand wipe, bathroom baseboard, and exterior of bathroom cabinets.
  • Mopping, vacuuming all rooms, washing interior windows, and sliding glass doors.
  • Clean kitchen counters, sink, table, stovetop, interior and exterior of microwave, the exterior of the fridge, oven, and hand wipe exterior of kitchen cabinets.

Some of our house/home cleaning images

What advantages you will get by hiring us, Safaiwale?

If you take the home cleaning service for just one time you will experience professional cleaning of the complete home which includes the kitchen, washrooms, living room, bedrooms, sofa, carpet, mattress, etc. Our professionals bring their own cleaning machine and cleaning materials when they visit your house/home for cleaning purposes. All the professionals are background verified in order to protect your security. You don’t need to worry or should have any concerns if you choose us, Safaiwale for the best deep home cleaning services.

  • You can easily book the service of Safaiwale as per your available time slot and Safaiwale matches the right cleaner for the job and provide you with the best value service which suits your budget.
  • The payment method of Safaiwale is very convenient and secure.
  • You can easily reschedule your booking in case you need it.
  • In case you are facing any issues while cleaning then you contact the customer support team.

Our range of Home cleaning services includes:-

  • Deep cleaning of your house/home
  • Enhancement of the floor
  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning
  • Paint treatment
  • Many other customized services upon the request

Need some points to remember

  1. We won’t able to make permanent stains or faded tiles to make them shine like new
  2. Experts recommend getting the house deep cleaned once every 6 months
  3. For house cleaning, you have to book one day in advance.

Manpower: 3 to 5 members

Time: Home deep cleaning might take 8 hours depending on the size of the house.

Home Cleaning Services Price List

BuildingPriceOrder Now
Normal Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Deep Cleaning With Machine
Normal Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
₹5500 (Rs. per 5 sq/ft)
Deep Cleaning With Machine
₹8000 (Rs.8 sq/ft)
Normal Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
₹7500 (Rs. per 5 sq/ft)
Deep Cleaning With Machine
₹9500 (Rs.6 sq/ft)
Normal Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
₹8800 (Rs. per 4.5 sq/ft)
Deep Cleaning With Machine
₹9500 (Rs. 6 sq/ft)
4 BHK Large ₹8000/-*
5 BHK₹9000/-*
Villa (3000-4000Sqft)₹11999/-*
Villa (4000-5000Sqft)₹14999/-*
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    Home Cleaning Services Across Other Localities of New Delhi

    We, Safaiwale provide our home cleaning services as per the requirements of the customer at his nearest locations at reasonable prices. People who reside or live in the following localities of New Delhi can avail of our world-class standards, and highly professional services with a single phone call also.

    Our Home Cleaning Service Providers Across India

    We provide our Home cleaning services as per the requirements of the customer at his nearest locations at reasonable prices. In today’s busy life, people are interested to have all the home cleaning services near their places. We, Safaiwale provide the best home/house cleaning services across all the areas of  Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Sonepat, Dehradun, Goa, Ranchi, Indore, Bhopal, Patna, Ahmadabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Thane, Pune, Surat, Mumbai, Jammu, Guwahati, Pant Nagar, Haridwar, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Cochin, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam.  

    Other Important Services From Us

    The main objective is to provide all household, office, and commercial cleaning services from one platform to the people of India.

    Apart from the above cleaning services we, Safaiwale, a top-notch company provide various cleaning services such as the house, full home, homekitchenbathroomfloortilesmarblecarpetsofaofficefacadeblindscurtainsmattresses, paintingpest control, sanitization, disinfection, schoolrestaurantwater tank, bird nettingand the swimming pool.

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    Q1. Which types of Home Cleaning services you are offering?

    Safaiwale offering all types of Home Cleaning Services which include carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, furniture cleaning, mattresses cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, floor cleaning, and all other cleanings which you want to add or customize. Get the best professional home cleaning service in Chanakyapuri through Safaiwale.

    Q2. How do customers book the Home cleaning services in Chanakyapuri?

    You can easily visit our website and book the home cleaning services in Chanakyapuri and you can also get the customer care no with email-id & contact me if you have any queries. Book a home cleaning service at your convenient time at your home or office.

    Q3. What is included in your home cleaning services?

    Safaiwale includes cleaning with the dusting of all the exterior and interior, vacuuming all floors and furniture, sweeping all areas where dirt is present, and mopping the floors in every room, clean the mirrors, toilet, showers, and bathtubs in bathrooms. We are also doing the cleaning of the complete kitchen by wiping all appliances, cleaning counters and sinks, cleaning cabinet doors, washing and drying dishes, and removing all greases.

    Q4. How much time the cleaning team will take to do the cleaning?

    Well, it totally depends upon the size of your house and which kind of cleaning you need.

    Q5. What are your rates in Chanakyapuri for deep-cleaning services?

    The cost of deep cleaning depends on the size of your home so it would be great if you can take quotes from the Safaiwale.

    Q6. How many times do I need to take the home cleaning services in a year?

    You should take the cleaning services for cleaning your house at the interval of every 3 months

    Q7. What are the benefits of taking the services from Safaiwale?

    By taking the home cleaning services from Safaiwale, you will get hassle-free services, you can easily book the services in Chanakyapuri at affordable rates. We are providing the assurance of your things because all our professionals are experienced and verified. We are completing the job on time and our customer support team is always ready to serve you.

    Q8. What days do you work?

    We are at your service Monday To Sunday.

    Q9. How do we schedule our services ?

    Easy… Simply fill out a quick Online Estimate using the above button on our website or call.

    Q10. At what time will your home cleaners be at my home?

    Our normal workdays are Monday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. While in most cases it is still possible to give a So it is important to notify the office if the cleaning must be at a specific time.