Deep Clean Your Home the Easy Way with these Diwali Cleaning Hacks in 2023

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Clean Your Place Before This Diwali

Getting your place cleaned often do features last on our to-do lists during the festive season. With the enthusiasm for upcoming days of celebrations, a good thorough cleaning constitutes of just a quick vacuuming or shoving things under your bed. Let have this thing to be a different one. Here are a few reasons why your place needs a deep cleaning this festive season.

Traditionally, it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi graces her presence at neat and tidy places on Diwali. This is why homes & workplaces are cleaned and lighted during the festival of lights. We at “Safaiwale” insist you to not just decorate your home with Rangoli and flowers but for better health and wealth you should get a thorough cleaning done a few days before the start of the festive season.

Also during Diwali you have family members, friends dropping in, to wish you and your family on occasion of the festival& You want to keep your place clean from inside & outside. eventually, who doesn’t want to welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity in their life and place. Don’t worry, read on & learn some tips on how you can do complete home Diwali Cleaning this time around.

Cleaning of the entire house (or office for that matter) is not an easy task. It never consists of cleaning just one part. It’s about cleaning the entire house; from the kitchen to the bedroom, living room till your puja room. Easiest ways to do so that too without getting tired is to divide your work consisting of 2-3 different sessions. Like start with cleaning the bathroom one day and then cleaning the kitchen the other day. Bedroom and living areas can be cleaned in a single day and finally, you may do the overall cleaning on another day. Start with a schedule as per your convenience. Have some time handy at your disposal; else, if you leave everything for the last hour, then there are a higher chance of mistakes.

Here, in this blog, best professional housekeeping services provider in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad “Safaiwale” managing partner “Mr. Prashant Kumar” here share some tips on clean your place before Diwali for any given residential place or corporate facilities.

  1. De-Cluttering  The Wardrobe

A rule wide known regarding de-cluttering is, ‘if you haven’t used it in for a while say since one year then get rid of the item”. There may be several items in your a wardrobe which you’ll never wear again; like that dress you bought which still has the tag on, that old T-shirt of yours which feels super soft but that you won’t fit in again, and other cloths.
Start with Emptying out all contents from the closet and wipe off the dust from it.Makeup three piles namely- to be Kept, to be thrown and to be repaired, start tossing each item accordingly. Once you have sorted items according to these marked piles, re-organize your closet. One suggestion from our end during this activity, you might want to donate the old toys and stuff that your kids have outgrown with. By doing so you could make somebody else’s Diwali a happy as well?

  1. Deep Cleaning The Kitchen

Your kitchen  needs a thorough cleaning to be prepared for all the festivities related to sweets and dishes:

Start with Creating space: Get rid of the kitchen appliance and ingredients which you don’t use.

Cleaning up: clean shelves, start with soaking  a cloth in hot water mixed with some white vinegar & wipe it with this. Once the dirt is removed, start cleaning the shelves with a cloth soaked in plain water followed with cleaning it with a dry cloth.

Using space efficiently: Be creative. You may use hooks under the cabinets to hang cups and mugs. Attaching racks to store glasses, crockery, etc. to utilize space in the kitchen. Storing rarely used things on top shelves or at the back of cupboards will create more storage.

Using Labels:  Labels help you organise the items effectively. Also, you may use different color schemes for different categories of ingredients  like yellow label for Indian masala, green for Chinese etc, it also helps you locate them easily.

Cleaning your Fridge: You may use half a lemon dipped in vinegar to clean your fridge efficiently making it odorless and sparkle clean.
Or you may hire a professional services for more clean and delicate appliances.

  1. Revamping Your Living  and Bedroom
    Washing/Dry Cleaning – Put all fabrics for a wash in the washing machine & move out the furniture for sunbathing. Dust every possible surface, then doing it with usual broom instead with using a disinfectant.You can also get your sleep mattress deep-cleaned. These are home to an unimaginable amount of dust mites & bugs.
    Do remember to clean the doorknobs, handles and window panes.Cleaning using a soft microfiber cloth is advisable for all glass surfaces, but you can always use old newspapers which works great too.
  2. Bathroom Cleaning
    Hang a waste collection bag near the door to dump all the trash- used bottles, broken mugs, etc.Apply a toilet cleaner on the inners of the WC and let it be absorbed and then clean and flush.

Place things like shampoos, soaps, buckets, everything outside, and start scrubbing the shelves with hot water and liquid cleaner, Scotchbrite sponges (Washing powder works too, followed by a disinfectant like Dettol or Savlon). Mix equal parts Water & White vinegar and use it for soap drips and toothpaste. Spray this mix on faucets, mirrors, and in the washbasin.
Don’t forget to clean the shower-head and taps.
After cleaning the shelves, get down on the floor & start cleaning it.
let your bathroom dry for about an hour before you put things back in it.

  1. Some Minor But Crucial Cleaning Stuff
    Fans and grills cleaning– There is a chill in the air, which means you’ll soon stop using the fans. This also means that the dirt on the fans will be prominently visible. So start with stepping on the step-ladder and with an old pillow cover or cloth and wipe off the dirt. Mark this fact important, it works like a wonder. Follow it up with a liquid cleaning agent.

Bed boxes – Which are hardly open, except being opened to take out the seasonal clothes and blankets. Diwali gives you a reason to empty them out and clean the boxes thoroughly and putting naphthalene balls.

Important Tip – Do use hand gloves before you start cleaning. Maybe these are annoying to wear, but they are absolutely essential to keep your hands safe and clean.

We hope these tips for festive Cleaning help you clean your home in an organized manner, without missing any spot and make you prepared to welcome the Goddess of Wealth & your relatives. And if it all gets too exhausting for you, you can always call “Safaiwale” House Keeping  Services which is one of the best housekeeping services available in Delhi NCR to make it squeaky clean & rest assured of professional cleaning services.

If you have any queries, you can drop a comment in the section below.Happy Festive Cleaning Happy Diwali in advance!Let the festival begin. Happy Diwali from all of us here at Safaiwale.


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